Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday Ride - Win

Whilst riding yesterday afternoon (the same intended path as as last week) I thought about posts.

I catalogued all the trivial, niggling problems of the day.

I snarked about parents who put helmets on their kids, but not on themselves. (Actually, I am not 'for' the complete mandating of helmet wear that we have. But that's another issue.)

I felt like crap.

And then .... a paddock. And sheep. And a ride across a freshly slashed trail. (Boneshaking, yes.)

Lamb souvlaki, potato scallops and a little later, a pint. Or two.

A good ride.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wednesday ride - slight fail

I was going to write about a ride up Darebin Creek, back down Merri, that I took on Wednesday. I was going to talk about how lovely some bits were - 

even though this was just nearby.

I would discuss some lovely man made features, such as this bridge -

except I'm still anoyed with myself, because I'd only ridden 14km when I got a flat, and, unusually, didn't have tools/spare/pump/repair kit.

So my ride was shortened, and I walked home. A lazy 13ks. It may have been broken by a stop off for a pint

I'll try again next week.