Wednesday, September 22, 2010

if life were a movie...

and that movie was determined by the clothes you wear...
I like to think that this week it would be a Tim Burton number

Monday, September 20, 2010

not happening, jan

This is not the photo I wanted to put here. But... well. Backstory.

The boys that i live with were playing at the Espy  at one of the Sunday sessions. They wanted to see the other bands as well, so i drove all the gear down for them. (M had to work, T doesn't drive, and A was worried to start with... driving from the North to St Kilda was not something he was counting on to put him in a good mood.)
They weren't playing until 6. We got there around three, the Espy was noisy, I was uninterested, so I went for a walk.

End Backstory.

The clouds were heavy, there was a breeze that may have been referred to as "fresh", although I would have thought of it more as "cold storage" but it was lovely. And then the clouds shifted, and a heavy shaft of sunlight slammed down through the hole. It was magnificent. And I went to take a photo of it (the above was me checking the lighting settings)... and I couldn't. Because those things are always magnificent in person, but after the event, a bit like a photo of a glorious sunrise - attractive, but ubiquitous. So I savoured the moment instead - me, the breeze, my knitting, and the thousand people who thought it worth capturing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

on why svelteness is not an option

There was baklava1. It whispered to me, cajoling.

I said "no" and stood firm.

It beguiled, begged and teased.

I said "No" and stood firm.

It pleaded, tantalised and taunted.

I said "NO" and stood firm.

"EAT ME!" it roared.

So I did.

1Yes, I know the picture is not baklava. It was all gone before I got a shot. But a remarkably similar thing happened with the Toblerone.


I finished this green cardigan about a fortnight ago, and have been wearing it fairly solidly since. Not only do I love the colour (bright, but not garish) I have managed to work out a flattering pattern for myself. What I am yet to work out is a successful method of shooting myself (that is, where it is a full shot, in focus, and my head doesn't look  lie it belongs to someone of a smaller species) A. has said he will take photos, but we haven't quite got there yet.

Even a little bit of colour makes a difference - we (myself, A and our friend B) were in the city the other day, and on the corner of Burke and Swanston there was a Social Alliance hoohah, and people were milling everywhere. I lost B, because she was little and in black, but A, with his dull green jumper peeking out from under a natty pinstripe1 was easy to see2.

 1It's pinstripe. "Natty" may be superfluous.
2 Probably doesn't hurt that he's 6'1", either