Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Just had a lengthy argument with my housemate as to whether it's Wednesday or not. ("Is." "Is not". "Is." "Is not." repeat ad nauseus, vis, until you feel sick).

Some days he's not really there, it's no wonder he was confused...1

1 weyhey! puntasm time!


The Boy and I went to Healesville Sunday afternoon and went for a walk at Badger Creek.

(The photo is not from there.On Sunday the camera hung out in the car. It's from somewhere in the Dandenongs earlier this year. That is dry sclerophyll. Near Healesville is wet. At least, provided I'm remebering correctly from a primary school project I am ).

Two things I was surprised by:
1. Tree ferns! So many! I grew up in the bush (mostly dry sclerophyll, but a little wet- hah! I'm on a roll now) and stag horn, sure, elkhorn, sure, native orchids, sure - but this insane amount of treeferns??? I was blown away. The Boy was, of course (CityBoy) bored.

2. The level of neglect by parks and wildlife. Definitely a contender for the worst kept park that's supposedly "done up" I've been in. Trees that you have to climb over on the paths, paths almost obliterated by regrowth, the non slip surface (ie, chickenwire) on the boardwalking layered in mud and leaves. I'm not complaining -  I was just surprised because at one point it obviously HAS been done up and made more accessible for all types, and now it just seems.... forgotten. Beautiful, though. And the amount of mud there was would've been AWESOME for running.

There's just been people stop outside the front of our house to talk about how ugly it is. I want to know who it was that first thought pebblecrete would be AMAZING as a rendering material. And arches. Because nothing says class quite like a pebblecrete arch.

*gah! I love the fact that, because I couldn't think of what to call it, and decided on "untitled" (because I'm interesting like that) I still had to title it "untitled"

Sunday, October 3, 2010



It seems, if your whipper snipper starts blowing smoke, DON'T stop and let it cool down, KEEP GOING. It's going to die anyway, may as well do it with a cut lawn. And, of course, my housemates are not much inclined to remedy the situation. I think it's understandable that I feel vaguely hard done by - they are all MEN1 and they should be ept2 at this sort of thing. Humph.

The jumper is Idlewood, and I was a bit of an idiot with mine. As in, I didn't check that I had enough wool, and - surprise! - I didn't. So I had to shrink the cowl, shorten the length, and omit the pockets.

But it's pretty rad anyway. Better with longer sleeves, I think.

1 Feminism? Gender stereotypes? What?
2 Not necessarily adept, but, you know, not inept. Ept.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


it's funny how you can know something, how you can talk about something, but how it takes a little while sometimes feel it, bone deep, strong and sure.....

it hit me last night

you live, and then you die. there's no point wasting time in being unhappy

it's freeing