Sunday, September 12, 2010


I finished this green cardigan about a fortnight ago, and have been wearing it fairly solidly since. Not only do I love the colour (bright, but not garish) I have managed to work out a flattering pattern for myself. What I am yet to work out is a successful method of shooting myself (that is, where it is a full shot, in focus, and my head doesn't look  lie it belongs to someone of a smaller species) A. has said he will take photos, but we haven't quite got there yet.

Even a little bit of colour makes a difference - we (myself, A and our friend B) were in the city the other day, and on the corner of Burke and Swanston there was a Social Alliance hoohah, and people were milling everywhere. I lost B, because she was little and in black, but A, with his dull green jumper peeking out from under a natty pinstripe1 was easy to see2.

 1It's pinstripe. "Natty" may be superfluous.
2 Probably doesn't hurt that he's 6'1", either

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