Sunday, October 3, 2010



It seems, if your whipper snipper starts blowing smoke, DON'T stop and let it cool down, KEEP GOING. It's going to die anyway, may as well do it with a cut lawn. And, of course, my housemates are not much inclined to remedy the situation. I think it's understandable that I feel vaguely hard done by - they are all MEN1 and they should be ept2 at this sort of thing. Humph.

The jumper is Idlewood, and I was a bit of an idiot with mine. As in, I didn't check that I had enough wool, and - surprise! - I didn't. So I had to shrink the cowl, shorten the length, and omit the pockets.

But it's pretty rad anyway. Better with longer sleeves, I think.

1 Feminism? Gender stereotypes? What?
2 Not necessarily adept, but, you know, not inept. Ept.

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